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Helpful Guide to Water Damage in Northampton 

5/8/2024 (Permalink)

Water pooled on hardwood floor with the caption: HOW SHOULD YOU DEAL WITH WATER DAMAGE? Don't let flood damage take over your property, Call SERVPRO.

Protect Your Home from Mold, Rot, and Collapse 

Water damage is a pesky issue that can weaken your home in Northampton. When water seeps into materials like wood and drywall, it can cause a lot of hidden problems. SERVPRO® is here to assist with helpful information and all your restoration needs! Here's how water damage can affect the structure of your building and what to watch out for: 

How Water Damages Your Northampton Home 

  • Weakening of Materials: Water can soak into walls, floors, and ceilings. Over time, this moisture causes materials to swell, warp, or break down.  
  • Foundation Issues: Water can also seep into the foundation, causing it to crack or shift, which can make your house unstable. 
  • Mold and Rot: These grow best in damp conditions. Mold can spread quickly, and rot can make wooden parts of your house soft and weak. 

Dangers of Mold and Rot 

Mold and rot not only damage your home but also pose various risks. Here's why they are dangerous: 

  • Possible Risks from Mold: Mold can damage your contents and create a variety of potential hazards. 
  • Structural Damage from Rot: Rot can make the wood in your home less sturdy, risking collapses, especially on floors and roofs. 

Latest Tools to Detect and Manage Water Damage 

To tackle water damage effectively, our professionals use advanced tools: 

  • Moisture Meters: These devices help find the moisture hidden in walls and floors that you can't see. 
  • Infrared Cameras: These cameras show where the water is inside your house. They help spot the damp areas by showing different temperatures. 

With these tools, specialists can quickly find out where the problems are and start fixing them right away. 

Contact SERVPRO of Hampshire County 

If you're dealing with water damage in Northampton, don't wait until it gets worse. At SERVPRO of Hampshire County, we use the latest technology to quickly and safely fix water damage in your home. We help make sure your home is dry, safe, and free from mold and rot.  

Call us at SERVPRO of Hampshire County at (413) 324-1300 for reliable water damage mitigation and restoration services. We're Here to Help® 24/7 so you can protect your home and keep it in great shape.

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